Director's Office

The Director's Office is responsible for providing policy direction and coordination for the operating divisions of the Department of Corrections. She is assisted by two Deputy Directors and an Associate Director.

The office prepares speeches, responds to the media, reviews pending state and local legislation, works closely with community and faith-based groups and provides information and tours for members of the public.

Its Office of Professional Responsibility and Legal Affairs investigates alleged misconduct, oversees the employee random drug testing program, conducts trial boards and monitors legal issues. The Office of Professional Responsibility and Legal Affairs is also the Custodian of Records for the Department.


The Director's Office partners with other county public safety agencies and neighboring correctional facilities throughout the year, and it oversees the more than 400-strong volunteer and intern programs. The Director's Office also oversees the COPES mentoring program for youth in county schools as well as the Pencil Box Project, which results in hundreds of students receiving new school supplies and uniforms for free.

Meet the Director

Corenne Labbé was sworn in as Director of the Prince George’s Department of Corrections (PGDOC) in February 2021. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in correctional administration. Before being sworn in as Director, she served as Acting Director, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Administration, overseeing the Support Services, Inmate Services and Community Corrections divisions. Director Labbé has worked her way up the ranks at the Department of Corrections, giving her first-hand experience how to perform a variety of duties. She has taught “grant writing and grants management” to County employees for more than a decade.  She also served as a Consultant for the International Chief of Police Association and Criminal Justice Institute, University of Arkansas, where she traveled across the country teaching smaller and rural law enforcement agencies grant writing.

Director Labbé has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and principles and practices of administrative management. She has served as a liaison with federal, state and metropolitan area governmental agencies whose policy, laws, regulations and directives impact the Department of Corrections and County activities.

Her professionalism and dedication has earned her numerous honors and awards to include the Gladys Noon Spellman Award, Provisional Instructor for the Maryland Correctional Training Academy, Certificate of Outstanding Volunteer Service and the Outstanding Young Women of America.