• You will need a photo ID (federal or state ID or valid drivers license).
  • A maximum of 3 individuals are allowed to visit at a time. The visitor combinations may be as follows:
           1. 3 Adults
           2. 2 Adults, 1 Child
           3. 1 Adult, 2 Children
  • Visitors may not bring anything into the facility (purses, bags, pagers, cell phones, etc.). Everyone is required to pass through a metal detector in order to enter.
  • The Department reserves the right to deny a visit for security reasons.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age.
  • Appropriate dress is required. no skimpy T-shirts or seductive clothing will be permitted.
  • No smoking is permitted inside the Correctional Facility
  • No food or drink is permitted, including chewing gum
  • Visitors are required to display a valid Visitor Pass at all times while inside the facility No knives, finger nail files or finger nail clippers are permitted inside the facility