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Strengthening Prince George’s

The Alsobrooks Administration and Prince George’s County leaders are focusing on investments in transit-oriented development projects near WMATA public transportation stations to catalyze economic development, bring new housing, jobs, amenities to residents, and advance equity. Prince George’s County has a storied legacy of sports and entertainment, and we have a once in a generation opportunity to build upon existing industries to create new pathways for growth.  

This platform represents the County Executive’s vision for a new way of doing business in Prince George’s County. It will guide and influence the County’s economic development activity for generations, including setting goals to guide policy and investments; confirming intention and strategy to grow the commercial tax base and attract new jobs; and launching signature projects to demonstrate our commitment to a stronger, more vibrant Prince George’s.  


6 Key Goals for Strengthening Prince George’s

  • Job growth
  • Increasing commercial tax revenue  
  • Increasing population (specifically inside the beltway and near transit)  
  • Preserving affordable housing and diversifying the county’s housing types  
  • increasing areas in the county that have identifiable character and a sense of place.
  • Diversifying amenities (restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues) and eliminating food deserts.  


Blue Line Corridor illustration

For detailed information on Strengthening Prince George’s, please visit Strengthening Prince George’s

“I sometimes hear people ask, “Why the Blue Line?” It’s because there’s public land that makes us ripe for public-private partnerships for development, and because communities around these metro stations have missed out on investment for far too long.”  

– County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks 

Blue Line Corridor 

The Blue Line Corridor represents an opportunity to create the next big destination for the County and region – a dense, multi-modal, amenity-rich sports and entertainment destination. The Blue Line Corridor will become a major economic engine for the County by catalyzing development, creating jobs, and incentivizing the development of a sports and entertainment-branded corridor.  

The vision is not just about the Blue Line Corridor- it is an opportunity to craft a replicable model for place based economic development throughout the County. 

Blue Line Corridor Projects include:  

  • Development of newly branded Hampton Park with an investment of $250 million to consist of 100,000 square feet of retail space and nearly 400 residential units.  
  • The new $543 million University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center opened in 2021 creating over 1,635 jobs in the Blue Line Corridor, in addition to construction being completed on the adjacent $80 million Cancer Center.  
  • $400 million to develop property around FedEx Field to include an amphitheater, a youth sports field house, a central library and cultural center, a Civic Plaza at the Wayne K. Curry Building, and a market hall.  

Due to the County’s size, it can be easy to spread available resources and capacity across too many priorities and projects. By focusing on transforming key areas of opportunity into full destinations that meet all economic development goals, the Alsobrooks Administration is creating prosperity that will spread throughout the entire County.  

For detailed information on Prince George’s County Economic Development Platform, please visit Prince George’s County Economic Development Platform