Mission & Function


The Revenue Authority of Prince George’s County is a quasi-governmental entity that serves as a real estate development and development finance agency, an operator of programs and facilities, and a manager of programs and facilities in partnership with other County agencies.

The Revenue Authority generates trade, industry and economic growth for the public good through the acquisition, development and financing of real estate projects and the operation and management of facilities that stimulate employment for County residents and revenue for the County and its businesses.


The Revenue Authority envisions itself as:

  • A significant partner in growing an economically vibrant County
  • A driving force for enhancing the quality of neighborhoods
  • An engine for job creation for County residents
  • A center of excellence for initiating and maintaining public / private and public / public partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of programs and increase revenue for the County

Organization & Structure

The Revenue Authority is uniquely structured to work in partnership with other government agencies as well as private entities to accomplish its mission.

Policy direction and fiduciary oversight of the Revenue Authority is provided by a nine-member Board of Directors consisting of business and civic leaders. 

The Authority Board appoints an Executive Director who manages the organization. All personnel employed by the Authority are outside of the County merit system and receive no salary or employment benefits from the County.

The Authority is financially self-supporting, deriving its income from revenue generating programs including the lease of real property, parking operations and parking enforcement, and the management and operation of a number of public safety programs on behalf of the Prince George's County Police Department. Net income after expenses, debt service and reserved funds are contributed to the County in accordance with the Authority's approved budget.