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County Courthouse is closed today due to the worldwide CrowdStrike outage

False Alarm Reduction Unit

 To provide you with faster, more efficient service, the Prince George’s County False Alarm Reduction Unit has upgraded our service module to ensure quality service to residents. Please see below for new information regarding the program.

To complete a new registration, renew an existing registration, or make payments, you may do so utilizing the following methods.


PO Box 715888 
Philadelphia, PA 19171-5888 
Online: False Alarm Reduction and Administration
You may contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit at 855-809-2056 or email us.

Effective August 1, 2022; Prince George’s County, Maryland Ordinance (Sec. 9-211 Alarm user permits) will be updated to charge a residential permit fee of $20.00 as part of the biennial permit renewal process. The revised ordinance will also assess a $50.00 fee for false alarms beginning with the third activation. 

For questions or concerns please email PGCSBenforcement.