Supply Schedule

The Prince George's County Supply Schedule (PGCSS) establishes contracts with county-based small businesses (CBSBs) and county-based minority business enterprises (CBMBEs)  to provide services and products across County Agencies.  The PGCSS is designed to drive growth and economic opportunities in Prince George’s County. 

  • Pre-approved contracts with county-based small businesses (CBSBs) and county-based minority business enterprises (CBMBEs) to provide products and services across County Agencies.
  • Streamlined procurement process that includes pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and other terms and conditions.
  • Selected categories of products and services designed to meet the procurement needs of County Agencies.
  • A driver of economic growth and opportunity for Prince George’s County

Our mission is to provide goods and services to our internal and external customers with a commitment to accountability, cost consciousness, exemplary customer service, high ethical standards, and quality service delivery.

Here at the Office of Procurement we are focused on improving local area development through increased investment and utilization of our local small and minority-based businesses.  We have established three initiatives aimed at building growth vital to the development and sustainment of Prince George's County's small and minority businesses. 

The Prince George's County Supply Schedule is a County economic development program designed to offer procurement opportunities and drive growth for County-based Small Businesses (CBSBs) and County-based Minority Business Enterprises (CBMBEs) by establishing a number of products and services, under a variety of schedules to meet the recurring procurement needs of County government agencies.

Apply to be on the Supply Schedule

After becoming a registered vendor, you can apply for your business to be on the County's Supply Schedule.

How to Become a Vendor

After becoming a vendor, get certified with the County by applying for a CBSB and CBMBE certification.