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About the Office of Procurement

The mission of the OOP is to adeptly oversee the procurement of goods, services, and construction using public funds, in collaboration with County departments. Our commitment is rooted in inclusivity, transparency, and equity, with the goal of serving County residents, businesses, and the public interests. OOP assumes responsibility for establishing procurement processing standards that align with county regulations and diligently monitors the effectiveness of procurement service delivery. Our Focus extends to the continual enhancement of both inter- and intra-departmental purchasing processes. We strive to implement recognized best practices, fostering organizational efficacy, promoting transparency, enhancing accountability, and ensuring compliance. As stewards of public contracting, the OOP actively identifies opportunities for improvement, serving as a catalyst for positive change. We are dedicated to providing a valuable resource for policy and program initiatives, contributing to the overall advancement of public procurement practices.

Core Services

The core services of Office of Procurement (OOP) include:

  • Procurement Management: Overseeing purchase of goods, services, and construction.
  • Establishing Standards: Developing and implementing procurement processing standards that adhere to county regulations.
  • Monitoring Service Delivery: ensuring the effectiveness of procurement services delivery and maintaining compliance with established standards
  • Process Improvement: Identifying opportunities for improvement in inter- and intra-departmental purchasing processes and implementing recognized best practices.
  • Resource for Policy Initiatives: Serving as a valuable resource for policy and program initiatives related to public contracting. 


Office of the Director  

The Office of the Director plays a pivotal role in overseeing agency operations and offering strategic policy guidance to the operating divisions. This essential division takes on the responsibility of efficiently managing each operational sector, encompassing budget development, meticulous monitoring, and financial management. It serves as the central hub for ensuring cohesive management across divisions, fostering a streamlined approach to achieve organizational objectives.

Business Services

The Business Services Division provides overall management and direction for the County’s purchasing functions in accordance with the legal authority established by Section 603 of the Charter, Subtitle 10A of the Prince George’s County Code. This division is responsible for the procurement of contractual services and commodities. It oversees delegated procurement activities and reports on the County’s minority business enterprises activities.

Office of Accountability

The Office of Accountability is dedicated to fostering the development, economic growth, and retention of County-based businesses while actively promoting economic development across the County’s commercial corridors. This office holds the critical responsibility of ensuring compliance in the County government contracting with socioeconomic laws, programs, and policies.

Compliance Unit  

The Compliance Unit reviews contract compliance and reporting requirements associated with the Jobs First Act of 2011 and the Jobs and Opportunity Act of 2016. The Compliance Unit establishes the annual prevailing wage rates, monitors livable wage compliance, and oversight of the prevailing wage monitoring contractors.

Supplier Development & Diversity Division

The Supplier Development & Diversity Division (SDDD) is the primary advocate for local, small, disadvantaged, minority, and veteran-owned businesses seeking to do business with Prince George’s County Government. SDDD helps ensure that there are strategic sourcing opportunities and ensures that local businesses are afforded an equitable share of procurements and contracted dollar opportunities.

Office of Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services is dedicated to delivering comprehensive human resource management services, with a focus on attracting, developing, and retaining a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Additionally, the IT team within this office plays a crucial role by providing technical support to the agency. They efficiently manage the SPEED Electronic Procurement System and address general IT needs for the OOP staff, vendors, and customer agencies. The team is committed to preserving data integrity and advancing agency’s transparency efforts through effective IT solutions.

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