In Remembrance

The Officers listed here are those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to their communities throughout the Department’s History. 

Dennis E. Merson (1937)

Photo of Dennis Merson







Charles F. Caldwell (1948)

Photo of Charles Caldwell







Alfred W. Steinat (1963)

Photo of Alfred Steinat







Joseph K. Brown (1966)

Photo of Joseph Brown







John W. Leatherbury (1968)

Photo of John Leatherbury







Robert E. Yeszerski (1968)

Photo of Robert Yeszerski







William W. Gullett (1969)

Photo of William Gullett







Carroll D. Garrison (1973)

Photo of Carroll Garrison







Albert M. Claggett, IV (1978)

Photo of Albert Claggett IV







James B. Swart (1978)

Photo of James Swart







Antonio M. Kelsey (1980)

Photo of Antonio Kelsey







Raymond Hubbard (1982)

Photo of Raymond Hubbard







Allan D. Johnson (1982)

Photo of Allan Johnson







Carlton X. Fletcher (1983)

Photo of Carlton Fletcher







Richard J. Beavers (1983)

Photo of Richard Beavers







Mark K. Murphy (1988)

Photo of Mark Murphy







Harry L. Kinikin (1990)

Photo of Harry Kinikin







Ryan C. Johnson, Sr. (1992)

Photo of Ryan Johnson







Roger P. Fleming (1992)

Photo of Roger Fleming







John L. Bagileo, Jr. (1994)

Photo of John Bagileo








John J. Novabilski (1995)

Photo of John Novabiliski







Kilonzo M. Masembwa (2000)

Photo of Kilonzo Masembwa







Anthony M. Walker (2003)

Photo of Anthony Walker







Steve Gaughan (2005)

Photo of Steve Gaughan







Richard Findley (2008)

Photo of Steve Findley







Thomas P. Jensen (2010)

Photo of Thomas Jensen







Adrian A. Morris (2012) 

Photo of Adrian Morris







Brennan R. Rabain (2015)

Photo of Brennan Rabain







Jacai Colson (2016)

Photo of Jacai Colson







Mujahid Ramzziddin (2018)

Photo of Mujahid Ramzziddin