2021 Fiscal Year Approved CIP Budget

FY 2021-FY2026 Capital Budget and Program Entire Book

  1. FY 2021 - 2026 Capital Budget and Program Entire Book 

Front of Book

  1. Cover
  2. Preface
  3. Table of Contents 
  4. Back_Cover

User Guide and Fiscal Policies

  1. User Guide and Fiscal Policies


  1. CIP Overview
  2. CIP Summary

Planning Area Maps and Summary

  1. Planning Area Maps and Summary

Board of Education

  1. Board of Education

Stormwater Management

  1. Stormwater Management

Public Works and Transportation

  1. Public Works and Transportation

Memorial Library

  1. Memorial Library

Health Department

  1. Health Department

Department of Corrections

  1. Department of Corrections

Police Department

  1. Police Department

Fire Department

  1. Fire_EMS Department

Department of the Environment

  1. Environment

Community College

  1. Prince Georges Community College

Office of Central Services

  1. Office of Central Services

Redevelopment Authority

  1. Redevelopment Authority

Office of Information Technology

  1. Office of Information Technology

Soil Conservation

  1. Soil Conservation District

Circuit Court

  1. Circuit Court


  1. Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission


  1. Hospitals

Revenue Authority

  1. Revenue Authority


  1. Federal Programs


  1. Appendix


  1. Project Index