PGCHTTF Committees

Data and Analytics

The goal of the Data and Analytics Committee is to gather information from the community perspective that allows understanding of incidents and prevalence of human trafficking that are not reported to law enforcement.  

Labor Trafficking

The goal of the Labor Trafficking Committee is to create a multi-agency response to incidents of labor trafficking exploitation by: identifying all possible labor trafficking industries; identifying and supporting continued labor trafficking education; and developing content on labor trafficking.

Law Enforcement

The goal of the Law Enforcement Committee is to collaborate with all law enforcement entities to share information on human trafficking activity.


The goal of the Legislative Committee is to remain knowledgeable of County and State legislation in order to align legislative priorities that supports and protects victims of human trafficking and enhances the prosecution of traffickers and buyers/consumers.

Public Outreach and Training

The goal of the Public Awareness and Outreach Committee is to create, design, and implement public outreach opportunities about human trafficking including educating citizens, public/private entities, schools, faith-based communities, governmental entities, and providing training to front-line responders and human trafficking stakeholders.

Victim Services

The goals of the Victim Services Committee include: establishing a full-service facility or network of facilities and services based in the County to house victim-survivors of all forms of human trafficking on both short- and long-term bases; maintaining an updated crisis intervention protocol to effectively serve victim-survivors; review and determine the appropriateness of government services for victim-survivors; and share with law enforcement information that assists with holding traffickers accountable for their actions.