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How To File A Language Access Discrimination Complaint

Anyone has the right to request services from Prince George’s County Government in their preferred language. Prince George’s law requires all County bodies serve people in the language of their preference by providing interpretation services and translation of vital documents at no cost. The law also requires that County bodies have signage announcing the availability of services in different languages.

Filing a Language Access Discrimination Complaint

Any person or organization may file a file a language access discrimination inquiry with the Prince George’s County Office of Human Rights. You do not have to be the person who experienced the language access discrimination to make the inquiry. The Office of Human Rights will conduct a preliminary interview with the individual(s) who was or were impacted by the violation of the Act to determine whether an official complaint may be initiated. The Office of Human Rights may find individuals or institutions non-compliant.  

As noted before, anyone impacted may personally file a language access discrimination complaint, or an individual or private institution may file an inquiry on behalf of another person. Although anyone can submit an inquiry, there are limits on who can be named as a complainant in a case. Please know that County employees are prohibited from retaliating against complainants or representative parties and shall treat them with respect. 

If you think your language access rights have been violated by Prince George’s County Government Entities, contractors, or providers, or if you know someone who has been denied language access services, please contact the Prince George’s County Office of Human Rights, Language Access Compliance Program to file a complaint. 

You can also file an initial inquiry online, or download the initial inquiry form and email it to or call 301-883-6170 to make an appointment to connect with someone in person.