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Language Access Coordinators Directory

The Language Access Compliance Program Coordinator for each County agency are listed below.


Entity Coordinator Number
Department of Health Anea Jordan 301-883-7606
Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement

Avis Thomas-Lester

Karen Spears



Department of Social Services 

Lewis Christy

Ignatius Iwala 



Dept. of Housing & Community Development

George Adedamola 

Tamika Gauvin



Dept. of Corrections Myrna Petors 301-952-2368
Dept. of Fire/EMS Joel Moodie 301-883-7183
Dept. of the Environment Karen Gooden 301-883-9847
Dept. of Public Works & Transportation

Maleika Matthews

Jessica Bell

301- 883-3276
Dept. of Family Services Jan Warner 301-883-3298
Housing Authority Nicole Garrett 301-883-5094
Office of Finance Karen Gainey 301-952-4402
Office of Central Services Marion Brown Flamer 301-883-3627
Office of Community Relations

Angel Perez Irizarry

Alison Flores



Office of Human Resources Mgmt.

Julia Bradley

Gitana Stewart

Office of Law Laura Novello 301-952-5231
Office of Human Rights

Henry Jimenez 

Analucy Benavides



Police Department Anthony Cline 301-516-4734
Liquor Board Patricia Bell 301-583-9980
Office of the Sheriff Patrick Armagan 301-780-2766
Police Accountability Board Ashley Ritter 301-883-5042
Administrative Charging Committee Meredith Bingley 301-883-4284
Office of Inspector General Rocquel Broady 301-952-3957
Office of State's Attorney Debra Arrington 301-952-3029
Office of Homeland Security Tiatte Day 301-324-4335
Office of Ethics and Accountability Todd Turner 301-883-3449
Redevelopment Authority Lakeisha Smith 301-883-5300
Financial FSC Wilma Pearson 301-883-3619
Employ PG Adrienne Stay 301-583-4612
Experience Prince George's Kim Payne 301-925-8300
Economic Development Corporation Rayna McLendon 301-583-3286