Office of Central Services 2023 Newsletter


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The Office of Central Services is committed to providing a first-class user experience that is collaborative, swift, responsive and accountable. We achieve this through continuous improvement and exemplary team performance. We aim to attain the highest standards in meeting County operational requirements and to ultimately serve the citizens, residents, and businesses of Prince George's County.

The Office of Central Services administers centralized support services for the County Government, including facilities operation and management, contract administration and procurement, fleet management, real estate, construction, inventory & material management and small, local and the minority business development. 


It has been a busy year for the Office of Central Services! We have launched new initiatives to benefit the functionality of the County government's operations while supporting the County's constituents and businesses. From acquiring essential real estate, to improving our procurement process, to enhancing County buildings and constructing new state-of-the-art facilities, we at the Office of Central Services have been getting stuff done! Take a look at a few of our many accomplishments. We look forward to continuing the great work as we continue to be Prince George's proud.