What if I don’t live within an ERC community? What if I don’t have Pepco or Washington Gas, can I still take advantage of energy incentives?

Absolutely! Regardless of your utility provider, any homeowner in the County can partake in EmPOWER Maryland. In most instances, through your utility provider, you can receive incentives such as rebates/discounts on measures to be installed after receiving an energy audit, rebates to upgrade appliances and HVAC equipment such as your clothes washers/dryers, heat pumps, air conditioner units, pool pumps, smart thermostats and even refrigerators. There are also incentives to save energy on peak demand days, decreasing the amount you are charged on the days that people use the most energy. See below for linkage:

  1. BG&E: www.bge.com/WaysToSave/ForYourHome
  2. SMECO: www.smeco.coop/save-energy-and-money
  3. Delmarva: www.delmarva.com/WaysToSave/ForYourHome
  4. Potomac Edison: www.firstenergycorp.com/save_energy/save_energy_maryland.html
  5. Washington Gas

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