Men's Challenge Initiative

The Men's Challenge Initiative - Winter 2024

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Please join the Department of Family Services virtually for the Winter Edition of the Men’s Challenge — Living Together Without Violence Initiative on Monday, January 16, 2024, at 6:00 PM. Today's meeting will Kickoff the series with a special presentation lead by Ms. Jamie Sokolis, M.S.,CA. Human Trafficking Coordinator for the Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center for the University of Maryland Medical Systems Capital Region Health. Ms. Sokolis' presentation titled: It’s Happening in Your Community, will discuss the following topics:

• An overview of human trafficking
• Debunk the myths about human trafficking
• Provide insight on what human trafficking looks in our community
• Provide the signs of victimization
• Provide community resources 

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For more information, contact Elio Wade at 301-265-8423, or Jackie Rhone at