Residential Parking Permit

What Is the Residential Parking Program?

The Residential Parking Permit program empowers residents to set parking restriction days and times to control non-resident parking on the street(s) in their community. The parking program is a petition-driven initiative that requires the support of 60% of the residents in the proposed parking zone. A Parking Permit area can be a public roadway in a residential neighborhood, at least one block, on both sides of the street in Prince George’s County. The program is free. The program is available for residential use but not for implementation on private property or in commercial and industrial areas.

Signs and Enforcement

There is a public hearing scheduled as a platform for public comment after we receive a petition that meets program guidelines. After that step, signage is installed, and enforcement begins.

Get Your Parking Permits!

Eligible program participants should visit to create an account and apply for a permit.

Each address is eligible for three 2-year permits and one visitor permit. Maryland registration and proof of residency are required. Parking permits

will not be issued for vehicles if the registration information does not match the name and address of the resident.


We look forward to working with residents and communities in partnership to increase the quality of life in Prince George's County, MD.


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