Extreme heat emergency

County opens cooling centers. Urges caution during this severe weather period. Visit mypgc.us/StayCool for more information

Reasons for False Alarms

Frequent Errors That Cause Chargeable Alarm Activation

  • Incorrect keypad codes
  • Failure to train other authorized users:
    • Sitters
    • Relatives
    • Children
    • Visitors
    • Employees
    • Janitors
    • Delivery personnel
  • Failure to secure doors and windows before turning on the alarm
  • Failure to notify monitoring facility of unscheduled openings or closings
  • Failure to update authorized personnel list with monitoring facility

Frequent Equipment Problems

  • Improper application or installation of interior motion detectors (sensors are set too sensitive)
  • Improper application or installation of outdoor beams
  • Improper charging or checking of batteries
  • Faulty equipment (panels, detectors, keypads)

Tips for Reducing Alarms

  • Make sure everyone is familiar with the alarm system operations.
  • Secure doors and windows before turning on the system.
  • Beware of changes in the environment (new animals, design changes, seasonal decorations, and plants).
  • Notify monitoring facility of any and all changes (houseguests, name changes, new employees, and termination of employees).
  • Equipment should be routinely inspected and maintained by both the alarm user and qualified personnel (check all contracts and routinely dust motion detectors where spiders like to live)

For more information call the Prince George's County False Alarm Unit at 855-809-2056