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Residential Parking permit FAQ's

1.            What is a residential parking permit program?

The program allows residents to set parking restriction days and times so that they control non-resident parking on the neighborhood streets.


2.             What is a Parking Permit Area? 

A Parking Permit area can be any residential area that is a public roadway in Prince George’s County.  It can be as small as one side of one block. We recommend that you begin with small areas.


3.             Are there any restrictions on the size of the zone?

It can be as small as one block. 


4.            What is the cost of the program?

The program is free. 


5.             How can we get the program for our neighborhood?

Contact Dianne Harris at the Revenue Authority at 301-955-0787.

We will provide you with an information packet.  The program is voluntary, and petition based.  A petition must be circulated to collect the signatures of at least 60% of the neighborhood homeowners or leaseholders. There is one signature for each address. Each signature is a vote in favor of the program.


6.            How long does it take to get our neighborhood designated as a zone?  

After the petition is completed and then submitted for review, the Revenue Authority will schedule a public hearing within 90 days of receipt of the petition. Public notice of the hearing will be published in a county newspaper. The Authority will mail out a notice to each address within the proposed Residential Parking Permit zone.


Within sixty days of the public hearing, the Authority will approve, deny, or modify the residential parking permit zone. After approval, the Authority will have signs installed that stipulate the parking restrictions and exceptions.


7.             After the zone is established, how long is the permit valid? 

Parking permits shall be renewed every two years through the Revenue Authority.


8.            If the petition is denied, is there an appeals process?

In case of a denial by the Authority, the petitioners may (1) appeal the decision of the Authority to the Executive Director or (2) by showing a petition listing 90% of the property owners or leaseholders in the proposed RPP zone.





     9.         How do we terminate the program if we want to withdraw?

After at least twelve months in operation, the Authority may accept petitions signed by at least 60% of the residential property owners or leaseholders in the permit parking area for termination of the RPP area. The Authority shall follow the same public hearing and notification procedures used for establishing a zone.


    10.       How do I sign up for the program after the zone is established? 

Sign-up is automated and can be done online or over the telephone. Our system will use state-of-the-art technology.  Maryland registration is required.  Parking permits will not be issued for vehicles if the registration information does not match the name and address of the resident. The applicant must present proof of residency.


You can register your vehicle at this website address:  Register Here

The website is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.


You can call: 866-794-8663 

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.


11.                I have more than one vehicle.

You will be assigned (3) Residential Permits.   After you have registered one vehicle, you have established an account.  Additional vehicles registered to that address can easily be added by applying online or by telephone. Parking permits will not be issued for vehicles where the registration information does not match the name and address of the resident.


12.                What about parking for social events in my home?

If you have an event scheduled at your home, contact the Administrative Office by email.  Send an email to or to request an Enforcement Call Off 48 hours in advance of your event. The Enforcement Call-Off must include the date, time, approximate number of cars, and location of the event.


13.                Visitor/Guest Parking Permits

You may apply for 1 visitor permit. You may schedule two vehicles for your visitor's permit.  We will monitor the program to ensure that there is no abuse of the system.   Once registered, your visitor can park for up to 72 hours.  If they will be staying longer than that, then you will need to renew the permit.  You can open your account and look under MANAGE GUEST VEHICLES to enter your guest information.



14.               Where can I park with a parking permit?

The parking permit allows you to park anywhere within the permit parking zone for which it was issued. The parking permit program does not suspend enforcement of any other section of the parking code. 


    For Additional Information Contact:

    Dianne O. Harris, Manager - 



Contact Revenue Authority



1300 Mercantile Ln
Suite 108
Largo, MD 20774


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