1. CPAT

    This page describes the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) process

  2. EMS Transportation

    The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department began charging for EMS transport on July 1, 2008. Prince George’s County citizens and residents who have health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid will not pay any costs for ambulance service - insurance payments will be accepted as payment in full. There will be no additional co-payment or deductible.

  3. Fire Inspection Fee (PDF)

    Please take the time to view the Fire Inspection Fee (PDF).

  4. General Orders

    Access the General Order Documents pertaining to the Fire Department of Prince George's County.

  5. Infection Control

    See what things the Infection Control Division are responsible for.

  6. News

    Take the time to view the latest news within the Prince George's County Fire Department.

  7. SIT Reports

    Situation Report