Division of Operations

This division is responsible for the security of the County Correctional Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week year round as well as Special Operations, which includes Regional Processing and Tactical Operations.

The facility’s security is maintained by three eight-hour shifts. The shift commander holds the rank of captain and reports directly to the Chief, Division of Operations. Lieutenants assist by performing various operation and inspection duties. Sergeants serve as zone commanders to supervise sections of the facility. Correctional officers on shift manage the housing units, process inmates and visitors in and out of the facility, supervise inmate movement, conduct counts and searches and respond to emergencies.

Goals of the Division of Operations for the care, custody, control and safety of those incarcerated include:

  • Providing an environment conducive to producing positive attitudes, acceptable behavior and self-discipline among the incarcerated population;
  • Effectively and securely receiving, processing and housing inmates;
  • Providing accurate documentation, logs and records of daily activities;
  • Responding effectively and promptly to emergency situations; and
  • Assisting the public by providing authorized information in a courteous, professional manner.

Staff & Duties
Within the Division of Operations, a Special Operations component is under the leadership of Major Christopher Chubb, Special Operations Commander. Major Chubb oversees Regional Processing and Tactical Operations sections. The Assistant Commander for Special Operations is Captain C. Scott.

The unit commander for Processing is Lieutenant T. Owens. The Department of Corrections maintains regional processing sites at the Correctional Center in Upper Marlboro and at Police District I Headquarters in Hyattsville. Regional processing officers handle all processing duties, including fingerprinting, checking criminal histories, presentations to District Court Commissioners, and warrant service on location. The Processing Unit Commander also oversees all external posts such as hospital security, gate, reception, central control, transport and internal security check point.

The unit commander for Tactical Operations is Lieutenant J. Gordon. Lieutenant Gordon oversees management and operations of the Emergency Response Team, hostage negotiations, the K-9 unit and fire safety. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the armory, and overseeing the community activities of the Honor Guard Officers. This unit receives highly specialized training to ensure their skills and abilities are unique to their particular distinctive unit or duty.

Additional Information
For further information on security activities, please contact Operations staff at 301-952-7028.