Community Corrections Division

The Community Corrections Division is responsible for improving the well-being of inmates and preparing them to return to the community. This division is comprised of the Community Release Center, the Community Service Program and the Re-entry Services Unit.

Community Release Center

The Community Release Center (CRC) was officially opened in 2018. Located at 4605 Brown Station Road, the Community Release Center allows offenders to work or apply for jobs during the day and spend their nights in the facility. This allows individuals to continue working their jobs and supporting their families while progressing through the criminal justice system. The center has the capacity to house more than 60 individuals.

Community Service Program

The Community Service Program provides the courts with an alternative to traditional incarceration wherein minor offenses are sentenced to a given number of hours of service to the community. The program identifies locations for community service, enrolls offenders in the program, and monitors their compliance with the hours of service imposed by the courts.

Re-entry Services Unit

The mission of the Re-entry Services Unit is to provide discharge planning for individuals sentenced to the County Correctional Center. Discharge planning is designed to identify and coordinate services that individuals will need once they are released back into the community. Programs managed by this unit are aimed at reducing recidivism rates and keeping people out of the judicial system when they are released from incarceration.