When is a bond required?

Bonds are typically required by the County for:

  • Most activities in the County rights-of-way
  • Grading
  • Public drainage and stormwater management
  • Reforestation
  • Critical Area disturbance

A bond is typically required when an applicant proposes to construct or impact the public rights-of-way. Any construction within the public rights-of-way has the potential to cause damage to existing infrastructure within the public rights-of-way. Bonds are required for new roadway construction such as sidewalk, curb and gutter, roadway pavement, etc. The bond is money or surety held by the County until the proposed construction is finished. If there is no damage done to existing infrastructure at the end of the project and all work is completed satisfactorily, the bond is returned to the applicant. If there is damage done to existing infrastructure, the applicant will be required to repair those damages. After repairing those damages to the satisfaction of the County, the bond money will be returned to the applicant. If the applicant refuses to repair the damages or complete all work, the County will use the bond money to repair the damages or complete the work. The bond amount varies depending on the scope of the proposed construction.

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