Interior Nat Harbor

Training & Personnel Division

The Recruitment Section

Recruitment coordinates with the County’s Public Safety Investigations Unit (PSI) to select qualified applicants for sworn and civilian positions. The PSI staff conducts background investigations, applicant interviews, and pre-employment physical and written testing 

The Employee Services Section

Employee Services establishes and maintains personnel files and benefit packages for all agency employees. This section also ensures that every agency member is properly classified, compensated, and in compliance with federal and county employment regulations.

The Training Section

This section is responsible for administering, coordinating, and recording all training exercises involving agency personnel. Deputies are required by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission to successfully complete six months of entrance level training at an accredited Maryland Police Academy. Upon completion of the Police Academy, deputies are required to complete an annual minimum of 18 hours of “in-service” training to maintain certification as law enforcement officers.

The Armorer/Range Master

The Armorer/Range Master is responsible for the inspection, safekeeping, maintenance, inventory and replacement of agency weapons. The armorer is also responsible for coordinating the agency’s annual firearms requalification.