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Office of the CIO

Technology Advisement

The Technology Advisement division guides technology initiatives in Prince George’s County and ensures their alignment with business objectives. It fosters innovation, steering the County towards modern business objectives while reducing risks and driving growth.

IT Executive Support

Executive Support enables senior executives to lead effectively, optimizing resources and fostering innovation within the agency.

IT Human Resources

IT Human Resources recruits, develops, and retains skilled IT professionals. It supports a positive work environment and continued compliance with County standards.

Cybersecurity Office


Policy/Compliance establishes a cybersecurity framework that protects the County’s assets and supports resilience against cyber threats.

IT Security Operations

The IT Security division develops and implements security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to keep data secure, protected, and monitored at all times within our IT resources.       

COOP/Audit Coordination

Continuity of Operations Planning and Audit Coordination are essential to maintaining continuity of business operations and maintaining compliance.

Privacy (HIPPA, PCI, PII)

OIT’s Privacy division protects sensitive information through risk mitigation and adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), and best practices to secure personally identifiable information (PII).

Digital Government

Applications Development

The Applications Development Division is responsible for developing and supporting custom leading-edge hybrid-cloud solutions to business needs in support of all county agencies. Additionally, the division assists agencies and branches in identifying and implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions.

Through an emphasis on e-government, more applications than ever are designed to promote and simplify the communication between the citizens of the county and their government. The goal is always to make business processes more efficient and reliable and, where possible, to take advantage of business synergies. 

Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division is responsible for compiling and maintaining accurate, real-time spatial information and providing the latest technology for use by Prince George’s County agencies and the public.  This is accomplished by developing GIS data, maps, and GIS web applications to meet the goals and initiatives for all Prince George’s County agencies.       

Web Portal/User Experience

Website, Intranet, Extranet Support Division supports and maintains the official public site for the county. The public site is the public portal that provides a wide array of information about county activities, functions, and services, and serves as an additional vehicle for citizens and others to communicate and interact with the county from anywhere and any time of day of the week. This division coordinates with the departments and agencies to ensure content is readily available on the site and provides guidance on writing content on the website. Additionally, the division manages the intranet and extranet to allow employees to share, store, and collaborate on documents, as well, as collaborate with external partners in a secure cloud environment.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Division supports the county’s financial and human resource system. The division is responsible for maintaining and configuring the ERP system, developing detailed analytics and reporting, and implementing business requirements in support of the Office of Finance, Office of Human Resources Management, Office of Management and Budget, and the Office of Central Services.

IT Governance

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for establishing governance for IT project management methodology and practices. The PMO provides project management, business analysis, and agency liaison support to Prince George’s County Government Agencies in the execution of IT technical projects and/or initiatives.  

IT Training Department

The IT Training Department offers high-quality, accessible IT courses, training programs, and professional development to help Prince George’s County Government employees succeed in today’s technology-based workplace. Topics range from basic computer instruction to advanced classes on industry-standard software. The mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase participants' on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing contributions to the goals of their Agency.   

Quality Management/Change Management

The Quality Management and Change Management Department maintains and improves the protocol of quality for IT products, services, processes, and systems while managing changes to the IT production environment. Quality Management delivers quality standards and policies, quality auditing, quality control, verification, validation, and continuous improvement opportunities to assure quality. Change Management directs change planning, assessment, coordination, communication, mediation, reporting, and tracking.   

Cable Commission Oversight

Cable Commission Oversight ensures that cable television services in our region maintain regulatory compliance while providing quality services and supporting the County’s needs.

IT Administrative Services

Asset Management

Asset Management controls and optimizes the lifecycle of IT assets. It reduces risks and aligns our asset usage with strategic objectives.

Contracts Management

Contracts Management maximizes the value received from vendor relationships through various agreements and partnerships. It aligns with County goals to meet operational needs while effectively managing costs.

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal and Contracts Management division provides accurate and timely financial management and planning services to the Director and the entire office to ensure the fiscal accountability and cost-effective use of County IT resources and assets.

Enterprise Architecture

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure’s mission is to provide reliable enterprise-wide network communications that efficiently deliver IT services to internal and external stakeholders of Prince Georges County Government. The Network Infrastructure Team designs, implements, and manages network solutions with a focus on performance, scalability, availability, and security. Functional Areas include the Network Infrastructure Team, CNet Team, and the Telecom Group.      

  • Telephony Network Services
  • Inter-County Broadband Network
  • Firewall Management

Data Centers

The Data Center division works to ensure that hardware and software systems, and data, are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even in a disastrous situation.   To provide excellent customer satisfaction from the smooth running of production jobs, printing and delivery of production reports, and keying of information for various applications.

Server/Cloud Infrastructure

Server/Cloud Infrastructure provides an agile, scalable, and secure environment, leveraging cloud services to support technology needs.

  • Server Storage
  • Processor Storage Devices

IT Service Desk

The Service Desk provides information technology support and maintenance services to Prince George’s County personnel. The Service Desk is a central point of contact between information technology (IT) service providers and users/customers on a day-to-day basis. It is also the focal point for users to submit service requests and report incidents.