Online Non-Emergency Dispatch Reporting

The Office of Homeland Security/Public Safety Communications is pleased to offer Prince George’s County residents the option to submit an online dispatch request for non-emergency situations. A non-emergency dispatch request will result in the response of Prince George’s County Police, Fire/EMS, or Sheriff personnel to the scene of an actively or recently occurring public safety incident that does not immediately threaten life, safety, or property.

Call 9-1-1 to report crimes in progress, violence, accidents with injuries, fires, medical emergencies, and other emergency situations.

Select an Incident Type to Request Police, Fire/EMS, or Sheriff Response

Incident Type Definition/Example
Disturbance An act causing a disturbance or sounds causing a disruption - such as loud parties, fireworks, equipment noises, loud music, or other sounds causing a disruption.
Flooding Inside A water problem inside a structure, such as a flooded basement or a significant amount of water coming into a structure
Fraud Fraudulent activity or attempted fraud – such as scams, unsubstantiated claims for unemployment insurance, use of your identity to apply for a credit card, etc.
Lost Property Lost or missing property – such as lost or missing wallet, ID card, credit card, cell phone, vehicle license plate, property left in a store or restaurant, or other items missing from your home or vehicle.
Parking Complaint A vehicle(s) blocking access to property or an abandoned vehicle(s) – such as vehicles parked in no parking zones, vehicles blocking driveways, or abandoned vehicles.
Stuck Elevator A stuck elevator with passengers inside. If a passenger is having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
Suspicious Person A suspicious person, vehicle, or situation. This is not a tip line: Call 1-866-411-8477 to submit crime tips or drug activity tips.
Theft (or Attempt) A theft or attempted theft of any property, including vehicles - such as credit cards, delivered parcels, cell phones, computers, money, items from a shed/garage, items from inside a vehicle, evidence of a crime failed vehicle theft such as damage to the ignition, ripped housing, a screwdriver or other such object has been jammed into the key slot.
Traffic Hazard An impediment in the roadway, something blocking traffic, or issues that prevent the smooth flow of traffic – such as debris in the roadway, traffic light outages, etc.
Update an Existing Report Provide additional information to Officers/Deputies for an incident which Police Officers or Sheriff's Deputies have previously responded to and/or taken a report for.
Vandalism A vandalism or destruction of a vehicle or property - such as broken windows, keyed vehicles, slashed tires, damaged paint surfaces, broken fences, etc.

Other Reporting Options


To reach Prince George’s County Police or to obtain information from the Police Department, dial 301-516-9777.

To provide information that you wish to bring to the Prince George’s County Police Department’s attention but do not need to request the dispatch of police officers, call 1-866-411-8477 or Submit Tips online at:

To report other non-urgent situations requiring the dispatch of Police, Fire/EMS, or Sheriff personnel, call the non-emergency dispatch phone number, 301-352-1200. Learn more about the Non-Emergency Dispatch Number.

To obtain general Prince George’s County Information, dial 3-1-1.

Obtain Vehicle Impound Information through the Vehicle Tow Program