Special Events Unit

Prince George’s County plays host to a wide variety of public events from professional football, half-marathons, festivals, parades, and other gatherings. Proper planning and coordination are important to ensure these events remain healthful and safe for all participants and spectators. In Prince George’s County, that responsibility rest on the Special Events Unit (SEU).

The SEU ensures events in the Prince George’s County receive quality medical support services. Last year, the SEU was mobilized on nearly 100 occasions to provide medical assistance at various events. While the SEU plays a role in preparing for and managing the Fire/EMS consequences of these events, the SEU strives to ensure that the normal level of EMS coverage in Prince George’s County remains intact. Prince George’s County’s daily emergency medical needs continue even during these events.

In order to quickly respond to and treat our patients during special events and other major emergencies, the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department utilizes resources beyond traditional EMS transport units. As an example, the Special Events Unit operates Medical Carts at various events throughout the year. The Medical Carts are able to maneuver through congested areas and crowds and reach patients quickly. 

This allows us to deliver initial care faster than would be possible with traditional ambulances. These Medical Carts can also transport patients through crowds and other areas inaccessible by ambulance. A fixed Medical Station is another option when delivering care at events. These Medical Stations are often pre-deployed to care for injured and ill victims on-site.