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Advanced Emergency Medical Services

Advanced Emergency Medical Services (AEMS) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Department's Paramedic Units. The AEMS office supervises 12 Paramedic Units that provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) to the entire county, as well as some mutual aid to neighboring jurisdictions.

Basic Life Support

  • Basic Life Support Ambulances and Rescue Units
    Almost all fire stations have a basic life support ambulance in service. These 47 units are staffed by both career and volunteer personnel around the clock.
  • Automatic External Defibrillators
    All basic life support ambulances in Prince George's County are equipped with these life-saving devices and career and volunteer members are trained annually on their use.
  • Fire Unit First Responder
    A fire unit from the first-due company is dispatched as a first responder when the closest ambulance is not available. Fire units are also automatically dispatched on all personal injury accidents, reported cardiac arrest or calls where additional staffing will be required.

Advanced Life Support

  • Mobile Intensive Care Units
    There are 12 advanced life support Paramedic Units staffed around the clock by paramedics who are employed by Prince George's County.
  • Field Supervisors
    Two EMS Duty Officers are on-duty at all times to supervise paramedics and day-to-day emergency medical operations in the field.
  • Mass Casualty Response/Triage
    There are two units in the County that respond on all mass casualties and there are standard response plans for all major incidents.

Related Programs

  • EMS Quality Assurance Update
  • Fire/Rescue Training
  • Infectious Control Training

These committees meet monthly to discuss issues and policy related to the delivery of Emergency Medical Services in Prince George's County.

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