Swim Safely

Thousands of residents will be swimming this summer and keeping safety first will help to prevent such a fun occasion from becoming a tragedy.

For Parents

  • Always watch your children and never leave them unattended. Constant adult supervision is the most effective method to prevent drowning.
  • Do not rely on flotation devices to protect your children from drowning. You must supervise at all times.
  • Have a phone nearby.
  • Have children swim in pairs - the "buddy system"
  • If a child is missing - check the pool first.
  • Teach your child how to swim. Visit the PG Parks website for additional information.
  • Learn CPR. Visit the Red Cross website for additional information.

For Pool Owners & Managers

  • Install a fence around the perimeter of the pool.
  • Use self closing latches and gates.
  • Install a door alarm from the house to the pool area.
  • Have life saving equipment nearby such as life rings or reaching poles.
  • Remember that if everyone keeps "Safety First" then everyone will return home. Enjoy your summer safely!