FIRE/EMS Structure

The Fire Chief is surrounded and supported by a team of sworn and civilian managers to help oversee the department’s daily operations - including the Emergency Services Command, the Support Services Command, and the Administrative Services Command.


Emergency Services Command (ESC) 

The Emergency Services Command protects lives and property by responding to all emergencies and safely mitigating them. The ESC includes all fire and rescue operations, emergency medical services, and specialized fire and rescue functions, including high-angle, confined space, and water rescues. 


Support Services Command (SSC) 

The Support Services Command is responsible for apparatus maintenance, the Office of the Fire Marshal, fire investigations, fire prevention and life safety, risk management and safety, the Special Events Unit, and the Training and Leadership Academy. 


Administrative Services Command (ASC) 

One of the major duties of the Administrative Services Command is overseeing the department’s Fiscal Affairs office. Fiscal Affairs consists of five sections – Budget and Grants, Staffing Office, Emergency Medical Services Transport Reimbursement, Payroll and Procurement. Another office that falls under this command is the Technology Information Services Office.