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Treasury Division

About the Division

The Treasury Division collects real and personal property taxes from homeowners and businesses located in Prince George's County and manages cash flow and the investment of all funds of the County not immediately required for expenditure in an effort to maximize the return on investments.      

In addition, the Division collects special area assessments for the County, taxes and charges for the State of Maryland, solid waste service, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Washington Suburban Transit Commission, and 27 municipalities within the County. Other taxes administered include recording, transfer, energy, telecommunication, mobile home and hotel/motel taxes.      


Additional Responsibilities

The Treasury Division is also responsible for:

  • Administering the semi-annual tax payment program
  • Administering various tax credit programs
  • Auditing tax adjustments
  • Collecting fees associated with evictions
  • Issuing tax certifications
  • Processing circuit breaker refunds
  • Selling properties at tax sale for delinquent taxes


The Annotated Code and the Prince George's County Code are the legislative authority for the Office of Finance to collect these State and County taxes, charges and fees. It also provides the Office with the power to implement and administer various tax credit programs.