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POSTPONED Flounce! - A Conversation with Katrina Byrd, the Boa Flouncer

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This event with Katrina Byrd, originally scheduled for May 1st, has been postponed. A new date is forthcoming. Please check back to join us!


Join the Prince George’s County Office of Human Rights and the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System for Flounce! A Conversation with Katrina Byrd, the Boa Flouncer here:

Katrina Byrd, writer and playwright living in Jackson, MS, received her MFA in Creative Writing from Mississippi University for Women. An emerging writer published in several magazines, Byrd and Dora, her partner of 23 years, created the Boa Flouncer alter ego in 2010. The Boa Flouncer is a social media influencer who encourages followers to be themselves.  “If who I am offends you, then, honey, prepare  yo’self!” With attitude, flair and feather boas, she delivers  messages of hope. “Honey, keep struttin’ yo’ strut. Don’t give up.”

Diagnosed with ALS November 18, 2019, Katrina’s long-term partner Dora lived only another seventy-six days.  After her death on February 2, 2020, Byrd was fully aware of the devastating impact of ALS on the body, soul and spirit. With no legal ties to each other, Dora and Katrina navigated the 100% fatal disease alone. Byrd cared for Dora alone with no money, no family support, no real understanding of ALS, no understanding of how to navigate the healthcare system, and minimal equipment.  Shortly after Dora’s death, Byrd’s  advocacy work began. Notable accomplishments include testifying before the FDA in support of amx0035, speaking at the 2022 STAT News Summit and being selected as a 2023 ALS/MND Patient Fellow to attend the ALS/MND conference in Basel. Byrd is a NEALS Ambassador who advocates with several ALS organizations including ALS Problem Solvers, ALS/TDI, Honey Badgers, and R1.