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Social Justice in Community - "Through Their Eyes...."

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How does human rights research impact our communities? How does scholarship on human rights violations or issues of social justice have any meaning in our day to day lives? And what is being discussed, studied, and thought about in universities today? Join the Prince George’s County Office of Human Rights, the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, and the University of Maryland for the new series "Social Justice in Community," as we bring human rights scholars into conversation about how their work illuminates human rights struggles around us today and what we can do about those struggles. Featuring different scholars from the University of Maryland across a variety of disciplines, from African American Studies to Sociology to Criminology and Criminal Justice to Economics to Government and Politics to Anthropology to Hearing and Speech Sciences and more, this series brings exciting new voices to the Prince George’s County community and offers us all fresh ways to engage. 

On February 1, 2024, Amber Colquhoun presents "Through Their Eyes: Examining Affluent Black Intra-Group Attitudes and Their Political Consequences." Ms. Colquhoun is a Ph.D. studying American Politics. Her research interests include race and ethnic politics, political behavior, and public opinion. She received her B.A. with honors in African American Studies and Psychology.

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