Interfaith "Finding Light in Darkness" event at Hyattsville Mennonite Church 4217 East West Hwy

Finding Light in the Darkness - Interfaith Conversation

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The Prince George's County Office of Human Rights invites you to an interfaith conversation co-hosted with Hyattsville Mennonite Church. Join as we hear from panelists of different faiths reflecting on how their faith offers them light in the darkness, how it leads them to hope even when times are difficult, and how it calls them to be sources of light to others in dark times. How are we similar, despite (or because of?) our different faith journeys? How do we diverge? Featuring Rahmah Abdulaleem, Pastor Cynthia Lapp, and Rabbi Abbi Sharofsky, Finding Light in the Darkness offers a time of community, of building understanding, and of learning how others find hope in difficult times. Space is limited; register for this free event here:


Rahmah A. Abdulaleem is the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Soulful Muslims, a non-profit organization thinking globally and acting locally to address challenges facing African-American Muslim communities. Its programs fund healthy family initiatives, seek to enhance community capacity building and foster leadership development for women and children.

Ms. Abdulaleem has coordinated and presented at educational and civil rights programs around the world and is an adjunct professor at the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law. She graduated from Duke University with a double major in Religion and Sociology and a Certificate in Markets & Management Studies. Ms. Abdulaleem obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School. Ms. Abdulaleem has presented at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations and has given multiple presentations on religious freedom and civil rights including a four week series on the history of racism in the United States. Ms. Abdulaleem advocates for civil rights, religious freedom, empowerment and justice for women around the world.

Ms. Abdulaleem previously served as the Executive Director of KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights where she worked to create a global network of advocates knowledgeable about the gender-equitable principles of Islam and who are capable of advancing the cause of Muslim women’s rights in legal and social environments. As KARAMAH’s Executive Director, she worked with scholars to empower advocates about the rights Islamic law grants to women and to educate Muslim women in Islamic jurisprudence, leadership, and conflict resolution so that they may become the leading agents of change within their communities.

Ms. Abdulaleem is actively involved in the National Association of Muslim Lawyers and serves as President-Elect and Conference Co-Chair for 2023. In 2024, Ms. Abdulaleem will be President.

Cynthia Lapp has been pastor at Hyattsville Mennonite Church for more than 20 years. She studied music at Eastern Mennonite University and theology at Wesley Theological Seminary. Her education was augmented by seven years at Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER.) She continues learning to be anti-racist and contemplative. Cindy is active with Congregation Action Network in solidarity with immigrants and a community chaplain with the Hyattsville Police Department.

Rabbi Abbi Sharofsky is the JCRC's Director of Intergroup Relations/JCRC Rabbi in Residence. She studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2012. Rabbi Sharofsky also holds a master’s degree from the Davidson School of Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary, specializing in experiential Jewish education. She previously served as deputy director of the Jewish Welfare Board Jewish Chaplains Council.

Rabbi Sharofsky is the recipient of the 2016 JPRO Network Young Professional Award for her dedication to the Jewish community through her work in the Jewish not for profit field. She is a Rabbis Without Borders fellow and currently serves on the Executive Council of the Rabbinical Assembly. Rabbi Sharofsky is involved in numerous interfaith organizations throughout Greater Washington, as well as boards and committees dedicated to equity and justice.