Khoi Young - Empowering the Game Flyer

Empowering the Game: Gymnastics Edition with Khoi Young

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Help us welcome Khoi Young, a Prince George’s County native who has taken his gymnastic skills to Stanford University and has represented Team USA at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship. Learn more about his journey, accomplishments, and barriers that he has overcome to get to where he is now! Khoi Young is a student-athlete currently pursuing his education at Stanford University. Much of his athletic success revolves around gymnastics, where he has proudly represented Team USA in various international competitions, earning multiple medals on the world stage. At school, he is studying product design. He aspires to blend his passion for achieving excellence in athletics with the creation of innovative physical products. His goal is to not only excel in the realm of gymnastics, but to also contribute to the design and development of products that can help the next generation reach their own version of success in sports and in life.

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