County Business Frequently Asked Questions

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We have compiled some key questions Agencies and Departments may have about the County's upcoming SPEED cloud-based, eProcurement platform.

What is SPEED?

SPEED is an SAP Ariba product that offers online strategic sourcing and contracting capabilities to enhance the procurement process. This cloud-based platform offers a digitized and simplified end-to-end procurement workflow in an integrated solution to drive consistency and efficiency. SPEED identifies qualified suppliers through the integrated Ariba platform to improve bid competitiveness.

What exactly is eProcurement?

Electronic procurement, commonly known as eProcurement, is the automation and management of the procurement process. It involves creating a shopping environment that is intuitive and enhances the overall procurement experience.

Why did the County implement SPEED?

Transforming our business process to is an important part of an overall strategy for automating business services, which will reduce costs and result in more efficiency. The SPEED platform will result in faster procurement processing times and make it easier to navigate the procurement process. Access will be available to all sourcing and contracting opportunities which will reduce procurement lead times.

How do I register?

Simply visit the SPEED online system at CLICK HERE to set up your username and password. You will need to select the best email to receive notifications and manage your account. There is no fee to participate in using this platform. If you are already registered with ARIBA, you would need to set up your account to include PGC SPEED to work with in the future.

How do I get ready for SPEED?

Once you have established your account, you will now be eligible to participate in "events." Once you are invited to participate in an event, you will receive an invitation e-mail from the buyer advising you of it. It will include the event’s title, the user name needed to access the site, and an URL link that will direct you to the SPEED system.

When will SPEED go into effect?

The SPEED system will be available in October of 2020. Notifications will be sent out to the County business community and information will be posted on our website and social media.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Ariba manages and is the technical support for the SPEED platform. Since SPEED is a part of the Ariba network, Ariba provides support to suppliers similar to that provided to end users – they can advise suppliers on standard functionality. Supplier Support is accessible from the supplier login screen by clicking on the “?”menu to open the Help Center frame, and clicking on “Support”. Supplier support via phone is available from Sunday 8pm EST through Friday 8pm EST. To contact SAP Ariba’s end user support, select the “Get help by phone” option on the Support tab.

To obtain assistance, please visit the help link by clicking here.

What are the benefits of SPEED?

  • SPEED provides an enterprise-wide management of all contract functions;
  • SPEED improves efficiency with contract negotiations within the contract cycle;
  • SPEED standardizes contract processes and approvals with lower administrative burden;
  • SPEED offers a centralized contract repository, and uses electronic signatures;
  • SPEED eliminates redundant contracts; and
  • SPEED improves customer and supplier performance.