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Stand Up & Deliver (COVID-19 Donations)

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 62% of our County’s public school children received free and reduced lunch. Since this pandemic began, more than 90,000 residents have been laid off from work.

This has further compounded challenges and increased the limitations for many families to provide meals daily. Additionally, our first responders and medical professionals who are fighting on the front lines of this pandemic rarely have an opportunity to stop serving and purchase a meal.

With numerous goodwill inquiries, calls, and emails from the community-at-large to lend a helping hand and safely assist where needed, the “Stand Up & Deliver” program has been established. It is an innovative and targeted solution to build capacity for community-based organizations and small businesses to address the food insecurity and basic needs of our fellow Prince Georgians.

How Does It Work?

Through your contribution, we can partner with the United Way of the National Capital Area, local non-profits, and our local restaurants to provide food and/or prepared meals weekly to our seniors, families, and individual residents. Besides food, there are many other needs within our community where your support will help. From hygiene and paper products, to baby items, and personal protective equipment, your donation will help meet many of the daily needs of our families, first responders, and medical personnel on the front lines fighting this pandemic.

How Can I Help?

We are asking you to join us by making a donation today to the Stand Up & Deliver program. Your contribution will go a long way in the immediate and long-term recovery as we fight for the stability of Prince Georgians during these unprecedented times.

What to Do?

Please donate directly to the United Way NCA to assist with our efforts to address the needs of Prince Georgians by clicking the Financial Donation button below. You may also select the In-Kind Donation button below, where you can also donate items such as paper products and personal protective equipment.

If you wish to donate monetary funds and would prefer to speak with someone at the United Way NCA to make your donation instead of doing it online, please contact Roxy Harris at or on 202-488-2012 to facilitate that for you.

We would like to acknowledge and thank you for being Prince George’s Proud by partnering with the “Stand Up & Deliver” program. You will receive a receipt for your donation, which may be tax-deductible (consult with your tax advisor).

Please share this email with your family, friends, and colleagues who may also be interested in supporting this collaboration.

You may donate on-line by debit card or credit card, or check.

This gift/contribution is a voluntary donation. No promises have been made in receipt of this donation. Prince George’s County Government agrees to provide services as outlined as noted. The undersigned waives and releases all rights and claims that might be held against the Prince George’s County Government, its duly elected officials, and its employees to save and hold harmless the County from losses, damages, or injuries.

In-Kind Donations?

Besides food, there are many other needs within our community where you can direct your support. From hygiene, paper products (toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, etc.) and baby items to personal protective equipment for our first responders and medical personnel (masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc.).

For more information, please contact us at 301-952-4811 or send the Stand Up & Deliver Team an email.


All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Prince George’s County Government Tax ID number is 52-6000998. Donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund will be directed toward the purposes identified in areas the County designates as having the greatest need during the corona-virus emergency. Additionally, this program will be administered in partnership with local non-profits and our faith-based community.