Hope in Action

The Violence Prevention Task Force 

The Violence Prevention Task Force will help identify areas of need in the County and create a plan to aid in resource sharing between non-profits and stakeholders, while also developing short and long-term strategies to prevent violence.

Task Force
  1. Prevent violence and abusive behavior before it begins.
    The Task Force is charged with identifying ways to help young people – both those who have been exposed to gun violence and those who have not – break the cycle of violence and develop healthy relationship skills before abuse begins. The Task Force will help to plan family-friendly anti-violence events alongside of the Hope Collective (nonprofit partners).


  2. Map critical community needs.
    Identify critical areas in the County where violence is an issue and work on a comprehensive plan to aid in resource sharing with nonprofit partners and various stakeholders.


  3. Create strategies for long-term violence reduction.
    The Task Force is charged with identifying ways to prevent offenders from reoffending and make recommendations on resources needed that will provide support for youth to become productive members of society. The recommendations will be identified via the Task Force Report.

If you would like more information on the Hope In Action Task Force, please email us at HIATASKFORCE@CO.PG.MD.US



The Hope Collective 


“The Hope Collective,” a group of non-profits that have received grant funding from our Hope in Action Anti-Violence Project to provide school-based and community wraparound services in areas where violent crime is an issue.  Programming will include services such as diversion/re-entry, youth mentoring, after-school enrichment, and employment assistance.

Hope Collective