Class Act focuses on providing Prince George’s County schools with resources and supplies that aid in supporting educators and students. Goals are achieved through significant programming aimed at connecting educators with tools that help our students reach their goals. 

Group CA 2

Four significant pillars fall under the Class Act program: the Proud to Be Back-Pack event, Comfy Corners, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Finish Strong. 


Cinco Días en Mayo is a vibrant 5-day cultural event designed to educate and empower the Hispanic residents of Prince George's County. Throughout this week-long celebration, OCR collaborates with community organizations, businesses,  and various agencies to bring the essence of Hispanic culture to residents across the County. 

cinco dias en mayo

Our objective is to illuminate the profound cultural diversity and heritage within the Hispanic community, achieved through informative sessions, enriching events, and engaging activities that encapsulate the essence of this vibrant culture.



Forever Fit is OCR’s health and wellness initiative designed to engage older adults throughout the County. With this initiative, OCR is providing health-related information as well as conducting exercise sessions to help older adults stay active. 

Forever Fit

The pillars of Forever Fit are: Beautification, Physical Activity, Education, and Service Delivery.


Lunch & Listen is a dynamic community conversation series that provides a unique platform for local neighborhoods to directly connect with agency representatives. This event fosters open dialogue, allowing residents to voice pertinent issues and concerns that impact their community. Led by the dedicated 311 On the Go! Team, these intimate lunchtime conversations have yielded impressive outcomes, including the successful resolution of longstanding safety concerns. 

Lunch & Listen

Residents have the opportunity to become more educated about agency policies and procedures, thereby empowering them to utilize the available services more effectively.


Proud Corps, a volunteer program facilitated by the Office of Community Relations is designed to engage and unite individuals of all ages, from teens to seniors, in a shared commitment to serving and uplifting our vibrant community in Prince George's County. Proud Corps offers a fulfilling avenue for residents to make a meaningful impact on the lives of their neighbors. 


Spanish CPR, is an innovative new initiative spearheaded by OCR that caters to the Spanish-speaking residents of Prince George's County. This monthly program represents an exciting opportunity to equip the community with a crucial skillset. Free of charge, this initiative aims to empower Spanish-speaking residents by providing them with the essential knowledge of CPR—a skill that holds the potential to make a significant difference in various scenarios. 

Spanish CPR

The Spanish CPR program embodies OCR’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that language barriers are not an impediment to learning life-saving skills. By fostering a community that is well-prepared to respond to emergencies, we take another step toward creating a safer and stronger Prince George's County.