Logistics & Supply

The Office of Logistics and Support Services is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all elements of the Department are provided with supplies and/or services to efficiently operate during emergency and non-emergency situations.

Logistics and Support Services is responsible for the distribution of all Department mail, orders, documents and special notices to all Fire/EMS Department locations on a daily/weekly basis, that will provide communications to improve the mission of the Department. Periodically review routes and procedures to ensure that equipment and mail is received in a timely manner.



This office is responsible for:

  • Quality control assurance regarding repairs and maintenance on all Fire/EMS Department buildings and facilities performed by Office of Central Services/Facilities Operations and Maintenance (OCS/FOM) and outside contractors
  • The security and storage of all Department files
  • The rental of any specialized equipment needed during any major incidents
  • The rental of any equipment needed during training exercises and special events
  • The supervision and acquisition of equipment, supplies and services for the Fire/EMS Department
  • Coordinates the maintenance repairs of fire stations/offices with Office of Central Services/Facilities Operation Maintenance and outside contractors (47 fire stations)
  • Responsible for writing specifications on protective clothing, uniforms, equipment, supplies and services which are utilized by the Department and on contract with the County
  • Oversees all requests for printing, purchase requests, and credit card purchase orders
  • Attends all Fire Commission meetings to coordinate volunteer purchases and report on construction projects for fire stations
  • On 24-hour call, 7 days a week and remains available through radio and cell phone contacts