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Formatting a Page During Training

Writing for the web is different than all other mediums. Each type of writing has tips, tricks, and guidelines. Tailoring our message for the web will make all the difference in whether it makes our jobs easier or harder.


How clear are we on the message that we are looking to convey? After understanding the subject, we also want to know what the call to action is. What is the result that we are trying to achieve? Being able to convey and guide the visitor to this desired end will determine our success. It will also decide if the user gets frustrated, leaves the site, and calls.

Target Audience

Deciding to post something on the web isn't good enough. Good intentions to put information out to the public can easily fall short. We need to know who we are writing to ensure we reach them. We can also take it a step further from if they are business owners or residents. They could be part of our senior population or teenagers. All of this will determine the language we use, how we organize the content and the imagery.


Website accessibility could be a topic on its own. However, it is very much part of our target audience. The government has a responsibility to make sure a variety of people can access our content. People who are blind or hard of seeing, use our website. Those that broke their dominant arm also need to get around. A disability can be with someone short-term or long-term, either way, accessible content is better for everyone.