Secondary Employment FAQ's

What is Secondary Employment?

Secondary employment includes paid employment with an entity and non-paid service involving a legal or ethical relationship with an entity such as service on a board of directors. Service under the Ethics Code includes the following situations:

• Paid employment with a for-profit or not-for-profit entity;
• Paid employment with a state or federal agency;
• Paid employment with an agency of another local government;

• Service as an elected official at the local or state level;
• Service on a state, federal, or local government board or commission with or without compensation; or
• Service on a for-profit or not-for-profit board or commission whether or not compensated.

Where do you find the link to complete a Secondary Employment Form?

The link can be found using the web portal on the Prince George’s County Office of Ethics and Accountability (OEA) County’s webpage

How can you complete the Secondary Employment Form online?

You can click here to complete

Can I see a video of how to submit a Secondary Employment Form?

Yes, please click here to see a video of how to submit your Secondary Employment Form

What is the link to use to complete the Secondary Employment Form?

What if I forgot my username to log in to the web portal?

Your username is your entire email address with .oea at the end


What if I forgot my password for the web portal and need to have it reset?

You can click on “forgot” password in the web portal or call OEA at 301-883-3445

How can you print the Secondary Employment Form?

You can click on printable preview at the top right corner of Secondary Employment Form in the web portal

Can you see the signature line for the Department Head’s approval signature when completing the form online?

No, you cannot see the signature line, only after you print the form

Who approves your Secondary Employment Form?

The Department Head of your agency or respective board/commission must approve and sign your request for Secondary Employment

What do you do once your Department Head approves your Secondary Employment Form?

Scan the signed copy and add as an attachment

What if your Secondary Employment approval is denied with the Office of Ethics and Accountability?

You can request an appeal with Board of Ethics by calling 301-883-3445

What if you have questions regarding a Secondary Employment Form?

You may contact the Office of Ethics and Accountability by calling 301-883-3445