Financial Disclosures

Financial Disclosure Statements FAQ's

Financial Disclosure Statements FAQs Sheet (PDF)

Our system of representative government depends, in part, on citizens maintaining the highest trust in their officials and employees. The people have a right to have public officials and employees who are impartial and use independent judgment. The confidence and trust of the people erodes when the conduct of County business is subject to improper influence or even the appearance of improper influence. To guard against improper influence, the Prince George’s County Code of Ethics has been enacted. 

Who Must File

Designated positions required to file financial disclosures are listed in the County’s Code of Ethics, Section 2-294. All financial disclosure statements filed pursuant to the Code of Ethics are maintained as public records by the Office of Ethics and Accountability, available for public examination and copying during normal office hours, subject to reasonable fees and administrative procedures established by the County Council or the Board of Ethics. Any person examining or copying financial disclosure statements must record his or her name, home address, and the name of the person whose disclosure statement was examined and copied (Inquiry Record). The person whose disclosure statement is examined or copied will receive the Inquiry Record within five business days.

The Board of Ethics or the County Council may grant exemptions or modifications to requirements for filing financial disclosure statements if in its opinion the filing would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy and would significantly reduce the availability of qualified person for public service and would not be contrary to the purposes of the Code of Ethics. 

What & When to File

Financial disclosure statements are filed each year by April 30th for the preceding calendar year, January through December. Late filers are subject to late fees assessed by the Board of Ethics in accordance with Section 2-292(k) of the Code of Ethics. Individuals required to file financial disclosure statements who leave employment with the County are required to file a financial disclosure statement within 60 days of separation from County Government. 

File Online

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