Reports & Recommendations

Annual Performance Reports

  1. CY2013/FY2014 Annual Report (PDF)
  2. CY2014/FY2015 Annual Report (PDF)
  3. CY2015/FY2016 Annual Report (PDF)
  4. CY2016/FY2017 Annual Report (PDF)
  5. CY2017/FY2018 Annual Report (PDF)
  6. CY2018/FY2019 Annual Report (PDF)
  7. CY2019/FY2020 Annual Report (PDF)
  8. CY2020/FY2021 Annual Report (PDF)
  9. CY2021/FY2022 Annual Report (PDF)
  10. CY2022/FY2023 Annual Report (PDF)

Quality Review Reports

  1. 2019 Quality Review (PDF)


Starting in Fiscal Year 2015, the Office of Ethics and Accountability (OEA) has provided annual recommendations to County Executive Management in response to the specified investigations and operations reviews conducted in each Fiscal Year.

For actions taken in response to these recommendations, which include significant changes undertaken by agencies affected through the development of appropriate policies and, in some instances, reorganization of business practices to align with best practices and efficient use of County resources, see links below:

  1. FY2019 Recommendations (PDF)
  2. FY2020 Recommendations (PDF)
  3. FY2021 Recommendations (PDF)
  4. FY2022 Recommendations (PDF)
  5. FY2023 Recommendations (PDF)