Trash and Recycling Container

 Trash and Recycling Containers  


1. What can I put in my trash/refuse cart?

Acceptable items that should be placed inside the rolled cart includes food waste accumulated from normal household use (i.e. regular household kitchen and bathroom trash, some plastic and ashes). Items that are not accepted include household hazardous waste materials, bulky trash, fluorescent lights, cardboard and other recyclables, yard trimmings, tires and batteries.

2. The trash/recycling hauler broke my container. What should I do?

To report the collections issue, click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Missed Collection and Other Collection Issues.” RRD will have an Inspector investigate the collection contractor’s potential misuse of the cart(s) and will be in communication with you.

3. My recycle/trash cart was lost/stolen. Can I request a replacement? What else is an acceptable container for recycling pick up?

The county is not replacing lost or stolen carts. A cart can be purchased from any store of your choosing. Recycle carts can be marked with “RECYCLE” and/or an “X.” Trash carts can be marked with “TRASH” and it is recommended that residents write their home address on each cart.

Also, a box or any receptacle marked with an “X” or the word “RECYCLING” may be used as a recycling collection container.
Recycling will not be collected in brown paper bags, ANY regular plastic garbage/recycling bags (white/black/transparent) or in yard waste bags.

4. When can I expect my County-issued recycle/trash cart(s) to be delivered?

RRD tries to maintain a 30-day delivery schedule. However, the timeframe can change depending on the number of pending requests and number of carts in stock. Please note, requests are fulfilled in the order they were received. Addresses where the owner of the premises has not changed for over 12+ months, that were previously delivered carts, will not be provided new carts. Only new residents (ownership of the property 12 months or less) will be delivered new carts.

5. Can I get smaller bins for my recyclables?

Yellow recycling bins are available for pick up at both Prince George’s County convenience centers; Brown Station Road Convenience Center and Missouri Avenue Convenience Center. Prince George's County residents who wish to pick up their own yellow recycling bin may do so at either of these locations. Some residents may find this avenue of obtaining a yellow recycling bin more convenient than waiting for a delivery.

6. I received my new cart but it’s dirty. Can this be replaced with a new, clean cart?

RRD tries to ensure all carts are clean before delivery is made. However, since carts are stored outdoors, the actual cleanliness cannot be guaranteed. We recommend residents use a wet rag to wipe the cart down, or a hose to rinse it off.

7. I’m renting a room and would like to request a recycling/trash cart. The homeowner has one, but I’d like my own. Can another set of carts be delivered?

The County only provides one recycling cart and one trash cart per home. Additional carts can be purchased from any store of your choosing. Mark those carts with “Trash” on your trash container and “recycle” or an “X” on your recycling container. It is recommended that residents write their home address on each cart.

8. Can I get a second Recycle/Trash cart?

No. Unfortunately, the County will only issue one cart per residence.
Whether you have a large family, you generate more trash than one 64-gallon cart will hold, or any other reason, all properties only get one trash and recycling cart.
9. I’m moving out of my home. Can I take my trash/recycling cart with me?
No, the rolled carts are the property of the County and are provided to each residence as part of the solid waste collection service. The cart must remain at the address where it was delivered.

10. I live in an apartment. Do I receive a recycle/trash cart?

No, unfortunately the County does not provide trash carts or any other waste collection service to multi-family dwellings/apartment buildings.

11. I do not want the recycling/trash cart. What should I do?

Residents are encouraged to keep and use the cart for thirty (30) days. If after 30 days you do not want it, please call (301) 952-7625 and press 0. Staff members will schedule to have your cart removed from your home.

12. Will businesses receive Recycle/Trash carts?

No, unfortunately the County does not provide trash carts or other waste collection services to commercial businesses.

13. What Should I do with old trash cans?


- If the can is made from plastic and is a standard size, it can be taken to either of the County’s two convenience centers: located at 11611 White House Rd., Upper Marlboro or 12701 Missouri Ave., Brandywine.
- Large plastic cans are “rigid” plastic and cannot be mixed/collected with the curbside single-stream recyclables. However, the County maintains a rigid plastics collection box at both convenience centers for recycling of the material.
- Metal cans. The County also has a scrap metal drop-off area at the landfill, 11611 White House Road, Upper Marlboro, where old metal trash cans may be recycled.
- Give it to a school. The school system can repurpose the used can(s) as recycling collection containers. Please contact Sara Campbell, PGCPS Recycling Coordinator, at or by phone number at 240-455-3581.
- Repurpose it. Repurpose the old trash can as yard waste containers or as an extra recycling container. If using the old can for yard waste/trim, mark the can with a big O for organics or write "Yard Trim/Waste" on it. If using as an extra recycling container, just mark the can with a large “X” or the word “Recycling.”
- Schedule it for bulky trash collection. To schedule, please click HERE to submit a service request by selecting “Bulky Trash General Items.”