Repair - Traffic Signals, Signs, Street Lights and Pavement Markings

 Repair - Traffic Signals, Signs, Street Lights and Pavement Markings      


1. How do I request a traffic signal at my intersection? 

Citizens may request a warrant study for a new traffic signal to be installed by making a request thru the Prince George’s County 311 System. However, requests for "new" traffic signals require an investigation and determination, Funding identification, design, and construction are also necessary. Please note that if this request is approved, it could take up to 24 months for completion.

2. What criteria are used for determining if a traffic signal is warranted? 

Prince George’s County DPW&T follows signal warrant criteria as prescribed in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which provides eight warrants which include various criteria such as vehicular traffic volumes, accident history, pedestrian volumes, school crossings etc. 

3. How do I request to have traffic signal timing examined? 

Citizens may request investigations for traffic signals by calling the Prince George’s County 311 call center or by submitting an online request. Requests for signal timing changes are made on a case by case basis. When a request is submitted and approved DPW&T will perform traffic counts, comply with MUTCD recommended clearance intervals, make field observations by various times of day, conduct traffic analysis to determine the impact on other movements due to the requested changes in signal timing, and lastly, develop or recommend a timing plan that considers not only all approaches, but all transportation modes. 

4. Do I need intersection name to report a traffic signal malfunction?

No. You may report the malfunction without intersection name, submitting the cross street or physical address. However, without a exact intersection information, it may take longer to fix the traffic signal because the traffic signal has to be located before it can be repaired.

5. What should I do if a traffic signal has been hit and its hazardously leaning?

Please contact 311 by phone directly or simply call 301-324-2710 

6. Do I have to provide my contact information when reporting a Traffic Signal Problem?

No. The contact information allows Prince George’s County DPW&T to contact you if there is any problem locating the traffic signal or the problem you reported. 

7. How long does it take to repair a traffic signal malfunction?

The average repair time is 24 to 48 hours for simple break-fix items. However, some malfunctions may take additional time.

8. Can I request installation of new traffic sign or traffic signal?

Yes. You will need to submit a formal request thru the County’s 311 system to initiate an investigation to determine if your request is warranted. 

9. What are the typical types of traffic signal malfunctions?

traffic signal malfunctions include traffic signal is on flash, short cycling, timing is too long, bulb is out, traffic signal is complete dark (has no power), traffic signal has been Knockdown (Signal pole has been knocked over), Leaning Pole (pole is far past 90 degrees to the ground)

10. Who should I contact should I have additional questions regarding County street sign?

Prince George’s County Government Department of Public Works and Transportation
Traffic Safety Division
9400 Peppercorn Place, 4th Floor
Largo, Maryland 20774

Telephone: 301-883-5600 or contact 311

11. What should you do if a traffic signal is dark (power outage)?

TRAFFIC SIGNAL BLACKOUT—If all traffic signal lights are not working because of an electrical power failure, you must stop at the intersection and treat it as a all-way stop and then proceed when you know other turning and approaching vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians have stopped.