Private Property

Private Property 

1. Would I need a license to rent my multi-family home?

Any property containing three (3) or more dwelling units is considered a multi-family property. In order to rent such a property, a multifamily rental license is required. The cost is $75 per unit for a two (2)-year license. For more information regarding multi-family rental visit:

2. Would I need a license to rent my home? 

Any property containing two or less units would be considered single family rental. For more information regarding single-family rental visit:…;

3. How many tenants can occupy a home?

Information concerning non-related tenants (more than five (5) UNRELATED persons) in a home not occupied by the owner: (1) County Code allows for up to five (5) unrelated persons in a rental residence (related is blood or legal relative i.e. married, children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins...etc.). (2) If tenants are related there is no limit and NO VIOLATION. (3) If this is an owner-occupied rental (i.e., town home, single family home or condominium) there is no limit and NO VIOLATION. If there is a violation, click HERE to enter a service request.

4. To whom would I report a property with tall grass, trash and/or debris?

Tall grass (12 inches or above), trash, debris, open storage, and/or dismantled vehicles should be reported by clicking HERE to enter a service request.

5. Can I park my car in my yard?

Vehicles may not be parked on the grass or unpaved surfaces. The Revenue Authority issue citations for parking on grass or unpaved surfaces.

6. How many cars can I have on my residential property?

There is no limit, provided the vehicles have current tags, are not dismantled, are operable, and are parked on paved surfaces.

7. Can I park a commercial vehicle on my property?

No. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on residential property. 

8. Commercial vehicles are being parked on the street overnight in my neighborhood, is this legal? 

No. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on the street in residential neighborhoods. 

9. Does a business require a business license and permit?

All businesses must apply for a Use and Occupancy Permit and be approved through MNCPPC for that specific use. This includes all home-based businesses. Some businesses will also be required to obtain a separate business license. For more information regarding business licenses visit: 

10. To whom do I report a rental property operating without a license?

Please click HERE to report unlicensed rental properties by selecting “Private Property Concerns.”

11. My neighbor is renting a portion of their home. Is this legal?

Converted homes must have a valid Use and Occupancy Permit and meet current Building Fire codes. Properties that have been converted without permits are illegal. To check property permits, click HERE.

12. Can I put in a 2nd kitchen?

All additions, improvements or alterations must be done by permit. 

13. What is a Boarding House?

Definition: Boarding House, Lodging House or Group Home is defined as – A residential property where lodging and meals are furnished to four (4) or more, but not exceeding nine (9), guests and containing not more than five (5) guest rooms.

14. Am I allowed to have shed/s on my property?

There are requirements that regulate where sheds may be placed. Sheds exceeding 150 square feet require a permit. Sheds may not be used for dwellings. Click HERE to report possible occupancy of a shed by selecting "Private Property Concerns."

15. Do all signs have to have a permit? 

Most signs at business locations are required to have a sign permit approved by Park and Planning. Signs along the roadway must be permitted. If you have questions regarding signs on a State Highway (street names with a number like Rt. 4, Rt 5, Rt. 301, etc.), please contact the State Highway Administration. For more information regarding sign permits, click HERE

16. Am I allowed to perform vehicle repairs on my residential property?

Minor vehicle repairs to your personal vehicle/s are allowed i.e. oil changes, etc. Major vehicle repairs such as replacing an engine, etc. for your vehicle or other vehicles are not allowed. 

17. Where do I report illegal dumping? 

Click HERE to enter a service request by selecting "Litter and Illegal Dumping."

18. What are the issues on the property? 

Business/Commercial: Operating without a License, Illegal or Unapproved Business, Exterior Commercial or Industrial Concerns, Illegal Signs, and Operating a Multi Family Building or Rooming House, Commercial or Industrial Noise Complaints, Other 

Residential: Exterior and Common Area Concerns, Interior Unit Concerns, Sanitation Concerns, Pest Infestation Concerns, Other

To verify the existence of a permit please click on link:…