1. There is a pond behind my house that is overgrown. How can I find out if this is the county’s responsibility or my HOA’s responsibility?

Click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Pond Issues.” The service request will be assigned to the District Inspector who will then research and determine if the pond in question is owned and/or maintained by the Department of Public Works, Office of Highway Maintenance, or the HOA. NOTE: A lot of ponds, Storm Water Management Facilities (SWMF), are owned by HOA’s, but OHM still has the functional maintenance responsibility on them. Aesthetic responsibility would still be the HOA.

2. Are ponds treated for mosquitos?

Yes. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources does spray all the facilities that are designed to hold water. A full list of all County Maintained Ponds, along with addresses have been giving to them for this purpose.

3. How often are ponds maintained?

The OHM (Office of Highway Maintenance) does perform functional maintenance on all County Maintained ponds twice per year. This includes mowing, removal of woody growth, trash removal and clearing obstructions to the flow of water. The facilities are also inspected tri-annually.