New - Traffic Calming

New Traffic Calming


Traffic Calming is a three-level program that begins with a formal request to study a particular street. All requests must have neighborhood involvement to successfully submit a formal request for traffic calming and to complete the program.

Based on neighborhood concerns and engineering analysis, traffic calming measures can be proposed that become progressively more restrictive to motorists using the street. This includes a range of potential actions, ranging from educational programs and signage through the installation of physical deterrents such as speed humps and traffic circles. Additional measures include one-way streets, turn prohibitions, the narrowing of the street width with "chokers," and even full road closure. Please note that the roadway must be at least 1500ft in length to qualify for study.

Please submit your request through your Home-Owners Association (HOA). If you do not have a HOA, please submit your request through your Council member’s office

For more information regarding this program, please contact the Traffic Safety Division, Department of Public Works and Transportation at 301-883-5600.