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Litter and Illegal Dumping - Dumping

Litter and Illegal Dumping 

1. How can residents report illegal dumping? 

Please click HERE to submit a service request.

2. Are citations or fines given to illegal dumpers? 

Yes.  Fines, citations and violation notices for illegal dumping can be issued by the Police Department and/or the Department of Permitting, Inspections, & Enforcement.  

3. What if the dumping occurs on private property? Can DPWT clean it up? 

Unfortunately, no it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove any debris on or along the frontage of their property; unless such duty has been designated to the lessee in possession of the property.  

4. What does the County do to clean up/ prevent dumping? 

The County currently maintains a bi-weekly schedule for collection of roadside litter and illegal dumping removal located in the public right-of-way on all major County roadways.  

How can I report illegal dumping in progress? 

Please report any active crimes to the Prince Georges County Police Department’s non-emergency number at 301-352-1200. 

6. Who is responsible for removing litter from in front of my home on the street? 

Property owners are responsible for removing litter in the public space along the front of their respective homes and properties.   

7. What is the difference between litter and illegal dumping? 

Roadside litter includes paper, plastics, glass, bottles, cans, illegal signs, etc. and Illegal Dumping would include items that are not small but bulky in size or quantity such as discarded household items, tires, boats, appliances, construction materials, wood, concrete, dirt, rocks, etc. 

Litter is identified as smaller pieces of trash including items such as paper, plastic, glass, cans, illegal signs, etc.  Illegal Dumping would include bulky items such as appliances, furniture, discarded household items, tires, construction materials, etc.