Liquor Related Complaints

Liquor Related Complaints  

1. Can anyone purchase alcohol under the age of 21?

A license holder or any of his/her employees or agents, may not sell, serve, furnish or allow the consumption or possession of any alcoholic beverages at any time, to any person under the age of 21.

2. Can an establishment refill, dilute the original container of alcohol?  

No license holder, his/her agents, or employees shall reuse, refill, tamper with, adulterate, dilute, or fortify the contents of any original container of an alcoholic beverage. 

3. Can an establishment that sells alcohol change the hours of operation whenever it chooses to? 

A license holder may not alter the mode of operation contained in the original application approved by the Board at the time of issuance of the license. Changes in the mode of operation would include but not be limited to, hours of operation, entertainment, alteration of physical premises, and presentation of food, alcoholic beverages, seats, etc.  
4. Are there any restrictions or rules regarding signage on establishments that sell alcohol? 

The licensed premises must provide visible access from the exterior of the premises to ensure the safety and well-being of patrons and employees.  Liquor Inspectors and/or other law enforcement officers must also have a clear view into the premises from the exterior.  The Board may require the license holder to remove window signs deemed to be excessive or an obstruction of view.
5. Are there any rules regarding trash in or around establishments that sell alcohol? 

A licensee may not permit trash and debris to accumulate in or around the licensed premises, its parking lot, or areas immediately adjacent to the licensed premises.  
To report trash or litter on a business property, please click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Private Property Concerns.”

6. Can an establishment that sells alcohol purchase alcohol from another store that sells alcohol if they run out?  

No license holders shall purchase any alcoholic beverage except from a duly licensed manufacturer or wholesaler.